Overnight Film Website

I’ve recently released the website for my “debut” short film, Overnight. The quote marks are because I’ve actually directed two short films since Overnight which are both already released, while Overnight is still in post production. The explanation for that is that the other two shorts were both 48-hour film projects, so they’re “done,” but of course, 48-hour film festival quality. (That’s not self-disparaging, that’s just reality).

So in any case, “Overnight” now has a website, and I hope you’ll check it out. It’s over at overnightmovie.com.

The short is a comedy about four friends who have to find their buddy, who disappears without telling his girlfriend where. It’s sort of a “Hangover” meets “The Big Lebowski.” It’s my first short and I’m extremely proud of it (though we’re still in post). I worked my ass off on the dialogue, the actors gave tremendous, hilarious performances and the final product is coming together VERY nicely.

Give it a look, won’t you? It’s also on Facebook and Twitter, where you’ll catch updates of everything that’s going on, from upcoming festivals, to news about the cast and crew.

And as a special treat, here’s the first trailer:


2 thoughts on “Overnight Film Website

  1. David’s wearing your shirt.

    • gbrobinson says:

      HE IS! You get +1 Garrett Robinson fan points! Redeem 500 of them for a lead role in his next multi-million dollar feature film! (With proof of purchase).

      Seriously though, good spot!

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