Oops, I Did It Again – The Model’s Going Well

So I’ve already told you about a new model I’m trying out – turning my film ideas into books first and publishing them on Amazon. My first novella, Touch was received surprisingly well. It was the first of a trilogy of novellas I was planning to write – after getting the three books out, they will then be available as a bundled, single novel.

Well, I’ve published the second one. It’s available on Amazon now.

Touch 2 - A Novella

Now in Purple!

The royalties that are already coming in off of the first book have made me realize there may be more to this than just establishing my pre-existing properties. If I keep this up (and I’ve got more than enough scripts to keep this going for a long, long time) the financial return may be a boost to my film career in and of itself. I’m certainly not quitting my day job, which means that this is all just extra revenue. I could invest that in equipment: an actual camera worth shooting a feature on, a post-production setup at my house, etc.

Let’s say that after a year I make $20,000. That is NOT enough money to live on, but it’s all ADDITIONAL money to my regular income, which is already a comfortable living for my family and I. That means I don’t have to spend any of that extra cash, and I can do whatever I want with it.

I know the first thing I’d do is get a sweet-ass Mac Pro post production station, complete with three screens, Final Cut, Premiere, After Effects, Pro Tools, etc. After that, I’d easily have enough money left over to fund a very low-budget feature film, with equipment rentals and where I could actually pay people. If you’re in the independent film world, you probably realize why that is a huge goal of mine. I don’t mind working for my friends for free, but I sure as hell would like working for them for pay better. On the same token, I absolutely adore my friends for coming out and helping me make a movie for free – but I sure as shit wish I could pay them.

So, that’s how things are going. I hope you check out and enjoy Touch 2. It’s free on Amazon all this weekend, after which point it will be $.99. Get it soon, though, because after the third one comes out, they’ll be bundled as a single work for $3.99, and the individual books will raise in price to $2.99. (It’s a whole royalties thing – but that’s a subject for another post).


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