Role Responsibility

Hey, guys, long time no talk. What’s up? Oh, right, I’m the one who’s supposed to be talking here. All right.

Today’s post was spurred (as usual) by a situation I’ve seen a few times, and which as a result has been festering in the back of my mind for a while. As some of you probably know, there’s a fantastic filmmakers’ group I attend called We Make Movies. My favorite thing they do is their script workshop, where you can submit your 15-page script, they assign actors to it, and a live reading is done for the entire group. The group then gives the writer critiques on the script, either general advice or on specific issues if requested. The whole damn thing is free! Totally awesome, right? Continue reading


Agreement With The System

I’m not going to lie, what spurred this blog post was a debate about politics. BUT I promise you I will try to keep politics out of this post as much as possible. “The System” in the title refers not just to a political system, but to ANY system. Just had to drop a quick vent about the subject. Continue reading

Fuck. You. Cancer.

I’ve never had a blog all to my very own.

Oh, sure, I keep a blog about trying to work on a movie. But that’s more of a video diary, about one subject. No real chance to explore topics that are important to you when you’re trying desperately to hold the attention of the average YouTuber.

I had a website, once, with links to stuff I had worked on. But I’ve never sat down and tried to explain me to anyone else. Why should I? To most of my friends, I’m an uncomplicated guy. Young to be married and a father of two, sure, but so what? I’m barely political, I don’t get into arguments, I’ve never gotten into a fight, I’ve never done or been addicted to drugs, not an alcoholic. I live in a white house with a picket fence, for fuck’s sake. Continue reading