This is a collection of random observations. Sometimes I’ll think of something interesting (at least to me) and won’t have a place to record it. Now I do.


People of science develop tools that expand the capabilities of all. But people of action are the ones who get things done with those tools. Few people fall into both categories. Neither accomplishes as much alone as they do together, working in tandem. The great director could not exist without the inventor of the motion picture camera, but without the great director the invention of the motion picture camera would be meaningless.

Reality is what we tell to go fuck itself every time we go make a movie.

The director is responsible for the artistic quality of the film – this includes the cinematography, the acting, the effects, and the editing, and is summated by the emotional impact it has on its audience. The producer is responsible for the financial viability of the film – this means ensuring the film is completed on time, ensuring it is on or under budget, and ensuring it gets distribution to make back the money spent on it.

The two roles are at odds, or should be, and the best product comes when these two roles find the best compromise. The director should be the one saying, “I must have a fifty foot crane shot!” while the producer is saying, “I would love to give you a fifty foot crane shot, but due to our budget you can only have a thirty foot crane shot.”

Of course, neither of these roles can afford to completely ignore the other – the director’s film must be profitable if he wants to make many more of them, and the producer cannot make money off of a film with no artistic merit. But the dichotomy of these two roles is at the core of all filmmaking, and directors and producers should never forget this.

I am in the business of film, not business.


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