Formatting Your Script – The Basics

I’ve been asked by some people how to properly format a script. Note that I mean the actual formatting, page layout, etc., as opposed to how to write or structure a script. No one I know is dumb enough to think I know how to write or structure a script.

All self-deprecation aside, formatting a script is important. It’s at least as important as just knowing how to spell and knowing proper grammar. No, screw that – it’s WAY more important. If I get a script by someone who occasionally mixes up “its” and “it’s,” I hardly notice. If I get a script from someone and it’s clearly been written in Word with no formatting, I just immediately write it off. It’s a gut reaction. It means the person who wrote the script didn’t think they had the time to get to absolute zero before trying to start their project. Continue reading


App of the Week – Celtx Mobile

Welcome to my first Film App of the Week Column post. I’m going to try to get a new post out each Friday with an app that I can’t live without as a filmmaker. In addition to just telling you about the app and what it can do, I’ll list a few of the ways I use it that I think may be unique or different, or that I haven’t seen others do before. All of my posts will relate to iOS apps only, since I have never and will never use Android, diehard Apple fanboy that I am.

Hopefully you’ll find this useful. If not, go read another fucking blog.

Kidding. Love you. You’re intelligent and sexy. Please don’t go.

Since this is the first week of this, let’s begin with the beginning of the filmmaking process.
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