Fuck. You. Cancer.

I’ve never had a blog all to my very own.

Oh, sure, I keep a blog about trying to work on a movie.¬†But that’s more of a video diary, about one subject. No real chance to explore topics that are important to you when you’re trying desperately to hold the attention of the average YouTuber.

I had a website, once, with links to stuff I had worked on. But I’ve never sat down and tried to explain¬†me to anyone else. Why should I? To most of my friends, I’m an uncomplicated guy. Young to be married and a father of two, sure, but so what? I’m barely political, I don’t get into arguments, I’ve never gotten into a fight, I’ve never done or been addicted to drugs, not an alcoholic. I live in a white house with a picket fence, for fuck’s sake. Continue reading