My New Model – AKA “So I Wrote A Book”

The face of film is changing. No one’s unclear about that (double negative – suck it, bitches!). Digital distribution is actually a thing now. You’ve got entire series coming out that are Netflix-exclusive or Hulu-exclusive. Redbox has funded feature films. (No good ones that I’m aware of, but it’s only a matter of time). Web distribution is actually making people money. The game is changing every day. After almost 100 years of the studio model and its stagnation we’ve all witnessed in the last couple of decades, now everyone is flailing about wildly trying to figure out what the “next big thing” is, or if there evenĀ is a new big thing.

Well, I’ve come up with an idea, and the night before last, I took the first step toward putting into action. Continue reading


Yin and Yang – Life and Film

“Oh, shit,” I hear you thinking, “here we go with the philosophical meanderings.”

I’m dead serious. I can hear you thinking that. Just like I know what color you’re going to think of next.


Now that I have your undivided fucking attention, let’s get to today’s subject: Life and Film. Continue reading

App of the Week – Shot Lister

EDIT: The maker of this app, Zach Lipovsky, emailed me to let me know they’ve temporarily dropped the price for their “Going back to Film School” sale. It’s $13.99 for a limited time.

Welcome to another installment of my “App of the Week” column! I was going to go with a different column name but this one surveyed better than “Things On Your iPad That Will Give You A Boner”.

This week’s app is one of my faves. If you’re a Director, Producer, 1st AD, a DP or anyone else who thinks their job description just HAS to be capitalized and/or acronym’ed, you’re going to love the flaming shit out of Shot Lister.

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